I had a visitor yesterday, Peter DiTomaso from Georgia, USA. Peter works for a Danish company, Danfoss, and was on a business trip here visiting the danish factories. Luckily he had time to drop by for dinner and a nice RV chat! 🙂
Peter is also building an RV-7, doing a great job; he has almost cought up with me, even though he started more than a year after me! 😀
.. there is a link to his log on my side widget.

In order not let him get ahead of me, I have put in a few hours now and then the last few weeks, it is all put in this post.

Before fitting the fuselage top skins, I dug out the top-skin stringers that I fabricated along with the other aft fuselage stringers, and taped them into position.

Next I positioned the Bulkhead to Longeron gussets, and drilled them.

Now I could cleco on the aft top skin, and matchdrill it.

… then the forward top skin!

Next up is the baggage area; I riveted on the F-750 Aft Baggage Covers

Then I found the baggage area floor panels and ‘de-blued’ them…

Cleco’d in place, ready to be drilled!!