Last monday I primed the baggage area panels at work, but it wasn’t until today I made it back to the garage to install them.

I started out by dimpling the nutplate rivet holes on the  F-750 Aft Baggage Covers.

I had to dimple the nutplates for these as well..

Nice..! 😀

Fast forward a few hours, the baggage floors are installed. I dimpled the rivet holes on the floor aft flanges and F-706 bulkhead as well.

Next I dug out the aft baggage bulkheads.

When test fitting the lower bulkhead, I noticed I had installed round head rivets instead of flush rivets in the  F-750 Covers. Thats a no go… they interfere with the aft bulkhead. I drilled them out, double-dimpled the cover and F-706 bulkhead and installed flush rivets.

With that fixed, I could install the lower aft bulkhead by the lower screwholes and matchdrill the side and center screw holes.

The upper bulhead needs a bit of trimming. I desided to go for a 9″ radius instead of 8½”. There is plenty of inside clearance, and this way it follows the contour of the top skin better.

I used a cutting disc for trimming the bulkhead. Thats it for tonight.. family quality time!! 🙂