Besides cleaning up a bit in the garage – again!! – I worked a bit on the baggage bulkhead. First I marked and pilotdrilled the screw holes of the upper bulkhead.

Also marked the notch where the shoulder harness cable will pass through..

Then I taped the upper bulkhead in place, rechecked alignment and matchdrilled the screw holes to the F-706 bulkhead.

I enlarged the holes to #30, so I could use cleco’s to install nutplates as drill guides.

Here the upper nutplates are installed with cleco’s ready to drill.

I installed the nutplates on the vertical bellcrank rib with a screw and spacer nut as guide..

Rivet holes drilled. I countersunk these holes, but dimpled all the remaining rivet holes.

Finally I installed all the bulkhead nutplates. I forgot to take a last photo before calling it quits..