I spend a few hours tonight finishing up the baggage bulkhead.

Actually I began making the shoulder seatbelt cable wearblocks more than 3 weeks ago though, but forgot to post the photos. 
Back then I drilled the end of the cable notches to final size, then I marked and cut the notches..

Here er the wear block parts

I matchdrilled the upper wear blocks to the baggage bulkhead.

…then drilled the wear block notch hole from the other side.

I used a sharp Stanley knife to cut the wear block notch.

This strip is used for wear block washers. I started by drilling the holes, it’s easier than after they get cut to size.

Then cut them to size!

This is where I started of tonight, I deburred the baggage bulkhead.

Then I used a nutplate as drill guide for the missing screw holes below the wear blocks.

I also drilled the rivet hole for the lower wear blocks..

Then I prep’d the aft tunnel cover.

Finally I removed and ‘de-blue’ed’ the upper skins.