After a long long break from building, I finally have some news. My college from work, Torben, called me last week offering me an IO-360 engine. He owns a completely restored Piper Seneca, which had a dual propstrike last year, following a collapsed nosegear during landing. Due to the current low market price, he had desided to break up the plane and sell it as parts. Another college, our engine specialist Vasu, offered his assistance yesterday, to remove the engine and take it apart to check the general condition before I buy it.

Here we have just started out removing the cowling..

1½ hour later we are ready to remove it, here we are removing the shock mount bolts.

..and its free! 🙂

Then we took it to the shop and installed it on a stand for final disassembly.

Cylinders removed, and crankcase taken apart..

A nice looking crank ready for testing.

We tested it for bending at the propeller flange and center journal, due to the prop strike. It was in very good condition, no bending at all. We still need test it for cracks in our MPI bench, along with the rest of the steel parts. We agreed to do this wednesday, so far it is looking great! 🙂
Thanks for all your help so far, Vasu..