April 17, 2012

Aft seat floors

Category: Cabin — Steffen @ 21:36 — Hours: 5.5

Made a little progress over the last few days…

First I dug out the aft seat floors..

Then I cut the pianohinges for the seat backs to lenght.

I meassured out the rivet positions, and backdrilled them to the left floor…

…then backdrilled this floor to the right floor.

Finally I enlarged all holes to 1/8″

Hinges deburred…

Then I clecoed the floors back in the fuselage, to countersink the rivet holes for the control tunnel cover nutplates.


Finally I removed the floors, deburred and prep’d for primer.

Next I had to make the parts for ‘raised’ tunnel cover. I had to makes a set of these…

From this…

Ready to cut!

Both finished!

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