Today I finished making and drilling all the parts for the seatbacks. All there’s left now is deburring and primer. I’m really looking forward to rivet all this stuff together. 🙂

The upper horizontal seatback stiffeners get rounded to fit into the skin bend.
Here is photos of before and after:

And the stiffener in position…

Next up was the seat back lower attachment hinges. I have borrowed a rivet spacing tool from work, great tool!

Then I transferred the hinge holes to the seatbacks…

…and the lower seatback stiffeners, which goes on the back.

Then I drilled the top stiffeners; first I matchdrilled the upper holes from the vertical stiffeners, then I used the lower stiffeners as drill guide, and finally I matchdrilled them to the seatbacks.

The upper hinges in place:

These plates will attach to the upper hinges, giving the seatback 2 reclining positions.  It will all make sense soon! 😉

Hinges for the plates are ready, and pilot holes for lightning holes are drilled.

Lightning holes complete! 

The side flanges gets shaped like this: 

…and the hinge has been drilled. That’s it for today…