Having primed all the parts for the seatbacks and seat floors, I was looking forward to getting home and start riveting again. It has been way to long with no progress, it feels great to be back at  it! 😀

First I clecoed and riveted the seatback attach hinges.

I put the aft floors in my vice, while riveting. Easy enough!

Then I riveted the aft floors, and installed the forward floors. The forward floors are attached with screws so they are removable for maintenance.

Riveted and installed the elevator control tunnel cover…

Then it was time for the seatbacks. I began by riveting the hinges to the seat back supports.

Then I clecoed the seatbacks together…

And riveted them. I could reach all rivets except the upper hinge ones with my squeezer.

There we go!! 😀

This picture really shows how the supports work. Note that there is two slots for the support to rest in.