April 12, 2008

Primed and riveted rear spars

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 19:40 — Hours: 4

I brought the wing rear spar parts with me to work yesterday, and got it all primed after work. Today I riveted the rear spars, and started preparing for the wing stands.

Here the rear spars primed and ready for riveting.

I also primed the parts for the the tiedowns, here they are riveted together.

Then I clecoed the reinforcements to the spar. I had to dimple the holes for the skin at the spar upper flange where the inner reinforcement fork goes first. These holes are hard to reach, when the fork is riveted in place.

And all the reinforcements are riveted. I was able to reach them all with my pneumatic squeezer.

…the finished rear spars from the outboard end!

Finally I bolted the wing tiedown brackets to the main spars. The brackets for the aileron control bellcrank also gets bolted to the tiedowns.

Having completed the spars, I went and bought a couple of poles for the wing stand. I also picked up the last box of the wing kit from my parents house. (note)

Here are all the ribs for the wings. I desided to prepare all the ribs first, before building the wing stand. I am also going to prepare the parts for the aileron brackets.

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