May 5, 2015

Forward covers

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 21:34 — Hours: 2

First night of work in the new shop!! Started out were I left of 2 years & 9 months ago; with the fuel line covers and the F-7114 gussets.
Being able to rotate the fuselage, is a great thing when preparing the cabin parts.
Fuselage 451 [800x]

I needed to fabricate two angles to support the forward covers at the outboard ends.

I couldn’t find the mentioned angle, so I brought a piece of spare .032″ sheet with me to work this morning and gave it a 90° angle.

Cut it to length & width

Then drew the called out shape and cut it.

To position the angle in the right spot, I had to install the F-7114 gussets.

After the gussets were drilled and clecoed, I added double sided tape to the angles, and used my ruler to position it in the right spot.

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