Before continuing with the fuel pump housing, I spent some time rearranging the aft fuselage stand. The straight tailwheel spring twisted the stand when rotating the fuselage, due to the downwards angle.
Fuselage 471 [800x]

My friend Bent sponsored a piece of tube that had the correct dimension, today at work I gave it the desired bend.
Fuselage 472 [800x]

I cut it to length, and drilled the forward hole so I could lock it to the fuselage with a bolt.
Fuselage 473 [800x]

Problem solved! 🙂
Fuselage 474 [800x]

With that done, I could continue on the fuel pump housing. First thing was to trim the original center cover according to the fuel pump kit plans.
Fuselage 475 [800x]

Done! The replacement cover will hold the fuel pump and filter.
Fuselage 476 [800x]

Next the original fuel valve cover gets trimmed…
Fuselage 477 [800x]

Fuselage 478 [800x]

Finally I clecoed the new fuel pump housing together and matchdrilled it.
Fuselage 479 [800x]

Finally I fitted everything into the fuselage for further matchdrilling. That’s it for tonight!
Fuselage 480 [800x]