Managed to get a few hours in today. First a made a new fuel valve plate, as I wasn’t quite satisfied with the fit.
Fuselage 485 [800x]

Luckily a had a piece of .063 sheet in stock…
Fuselage 486 [800x]

Much better! 🙂
Fuselage 487 [800x]

Then I countersunk the holes for the screws that will attach the fuel valve.
Fuselage 488 [800x]

The plans call for standard AN bolt here, but I have planned to use countersunk screws instead, so my cool upgrade can lie flush on the plate.
Fuselage 490 [800x]

…like this:
Fuselage 491 [800x]

Finally I spent a couple of hours deburring these parts. Almost ready for a priming session.
Fuselage 492 [800x]