Wau! Spent a whopping 7 hours in the shop today.. šŸ˜€
First thing to do, was finish preparing the centre cover.
Fuselage 493 [800x]

I countersunk for the nutplates that sits behind the cabin heat baffle..
Fuselage 494 [800x]

Then I deburred all corners, holes and edges. This took almost an hour..
Fuselage 495 [800x]

I dug out the aft fuselage top skins, so I could shoot these with primer along with the rest of the prepared parts. The needed a good clean-up after 3 years in storage, they were even a bit corroded, but it could be cleaned up with scotchbrite and white spirit.
Fuselage 496 [800x]

Fuselage 497 [800x]

Fuselage 498 [800x]

Fuselage 499 [800x]

Then the aft fuselage top stringers got deburred and etched..
Fuselage 500 [800x]

I bought this mounting kit for my strobe light power supply some time ago, desided to prepare this as well.
Fuselage 501 [800x]

Fits nicely šŸ™‚
Fuselage 502 [800x]

Clecoed and matchdrilled in the aft fuselage..
Fuselage 503 [800x]

Finally a good collection ready for primer.
Fuselage 504 [800x]

I went to Air Service to prime the parts, but my old colleagueĀ Frederik hadĀ occupied the paint shop by a project of his,Ā so I postponed the priming session till tomorrow.
Instead I did some more work on my fuselage.
I have previously matchdrilled the aft top skins to the frames, but IĀ hadn’t deburred and dimpled the holes yet. Now I have.
Fuselage 505 [800x]

Fuselage 506 [800x]

..a closeup:
Fuselage 507 [800x]

Also riveted on the aft bulkhead…
Fuselage 508 [800x]

And theĀ F-724 vertical baggage area ribs upper rivets
Fuselage 509 [800x]

Last thing I did today was rivet the canopy decks. Great day!!Fuselage 510 [800x]