To be able to rivet the forward cover support angles, I had to wait with setting the final rivet in the nutplates.
Fuselage 525 [800x]

I still had problems getting to these blind rivets, so I altered my rivet puller like this:
Fuselage 526 [800x]

That’s better..
Fuselage 527 [800x]

Installed! 🙂
Fuselage 538 [800x]

After that I mounted the fuel pump and filter assy.
Fuselage 528 [800x]

Now I could begin making the fuel lines.
Fuselage 529 [800x]

Fuselage 530 [800x]

After some deburring, I could make the first flange
Fuselage 531 [800x]

Fuselage 532 [800x]

Fuselage 533 [800x]

Fuselage 534 [800x]

Next bend…
Fuselage 535 [800x]

That’s as far as I could get for now.
Fuselage 536 [800x]

I installed the fittings in the fuel valve, but I need some material to make threaded spacers for the valve.
Fuselage 537 [800x]