Continued making the fuel pump tubing today, but first I had to make the threaded spacers for the fuel valve, in order to line up the tubes.
Here they are cut to length:
Fuselage 539 [800x]

After drilling and tapping threads, I installed the fuel valve to the valve plate.
Fuselage 540 [800x]

Fuselage 541 [800x]

Then I installed the fuel valve covers
Fuselage 542 [800x]

Now I was able to determine the length of the feed line…
Fuselage 543 [800x]

Fuselage 544 [800x]

Length marked to the center of the fuel valve outlet:
Fuselage 545 [800x]

To calculate where to start the bend, I made a bend on another piece of tube, and measure the distance from the bend starting point to the finished bend centreline:
Fuselage 546 [800x]

Like this:
Fuselage 547 [800x]

Then I marked the offset on the feed line tube.
Fuselage 548 [800x]

Fuselage 549 [800x]

To make the pump return tube (top one in the photo), I fitted the fuel valve and pump brackets in the aircraft:
Fuselage 551 [800x]

Final photo with the covers installed.
Fuselage 550 [800x]

Next is the tubes that go from the valve to fuel tanks. These are tricky ones…