June 21, 2015

Flap drive, day 1

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 19:04 — Hours: 8.5

I’ve been sick with a lung infection the last week, but I’m finally feeling better. So, got a bunch done today! 🙂
I did finish the fuel lines last sunday though. Getting the fuel lines to cross behind the fuel valve, and to still have them look nice, took a while, but I’m quite pleased with the results. 🙂
Fuselage 552 [800x]

Fuselage 553 [800x]

I decided to split the lines midway, as making these lines in one piece and get them in place would be more ore less impossible.
Fuselage 554 [800x]

Fuselage 555 [800x]

So, today I started on the flap drive mechanism.
First I drilled the flap actuator weldment clevis holes to 1/4″. I noticed that it have started to rust a little after having been stowed away for all these years. It’s the same deal with the rudder pedal weldments. I will have to sand these down later on, and apply epoxy primer and a new topcoat.
Fuselage 556 [800x]

Next project was the F-680 block. I marked the bolt hole locations…
Fuselage 557 [800x]

And drilled.
Fuselage 558 [800x]

Dow! After drilling the holes, I noticed that the block should have been trimmed in one end. Well, no harm done, the hole I drilled was still outside the trim line…
Fuselage 559 [800x]
Fast forward a couple of hours, the block length trimmed, a new bolt hole drilled, and the block cut in half. Last thing to do, was to make a notch in the forward end, where the block overlaps the forward floor.
Fuselage 560 [800x]

Then I used the block as template to drill bolt holes in the floor.
Fuselage 561 [800x]

Also notched the F-748 channel cover.
Fuselage 562 [800x]

Now a lot of parts had to be manufactured. First the F-766C plate:
Fuselage 563 [800x]
Then matchdrilled to the F-766A channel:
Fuselage 564 [800x]

Then I made the F-766B angle..
Fuselage 565 [800x]

Fuselage 566 [800x]

Fuselage 567 [800x]

The F-767 plate is to be made of a piece of 2024-T3 .063″ plate, but I used this EF-604 plate, which comes with the electric flap kit, but is intended for the RV-6. The angle had to be adjusted a bit, but that was no big deal.
Fuselage 568 [800x]

Fuselage 569 [800x]

The finished F-785 angle:
Fuselage 570 [800x]

And the F-766D bushing…
Fuselage 571 [800x]

The foot-angles for the F-766A channel were pre made though. Plug ‘n play! 😀
Fuselage 572 [800x]

Last thing I did today, was to drill the F-785B angle to the bottom of the F-785A backrest brace, and fitted and matchdrilled the whole thing to the fuselage.
Fuselage 573 [800x]

Fuselage 574 [800x]

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