This post covers the last couple of days.
There’s a bunch of brackets that needs to be fabricated for the roll bar, like these F-632D angles:
Fuselage 590 [800x]

They are made from 0.125″ thick extrusion.
Fuselage 591 [800x]

Fuselage 592 [800x]

…and these F-631C Angles, made from 0.188″ thick extrusion.
Fuselage 593 [800x]

Also made two splice plates, F-631E
Fuselage 594 [800x]

Fuselage 595 [800x]

Fuselage 596 [800x]

These two F-632E angles..
Fuselage 609 [800x]

..and this F-632D angle. This one doesn’t look like much, but the angle had to be adjusted to 88°. That took a little effort to get perfect.
Fuselage 610 [800x]

To get the assure the proper height and width of the roll bar, I cut a template from some furniture plywood I had stored away.
Fuselage 597 [800x]

I added small angles in the corners, to fix the roll bar sections.
Fuselage 598 [800x]

I had marked the template centreline, as you can see the sections need trimming.
Fuselage 599 [800x]

That’s better!
Fuselage 600 [800x]

Both sides of the aft sections trimmed.
I didn’t really take any photos of it, but I spent 3-4 hours fine tuning the sections, so they don’t warp/twists. This was a hell of a job, but I believe the end result of the roll bar will be much nicer.
Fuselage 601 [800x]

The aft sections needed a 1½” hole, for access to the installation hardware. Here the centre of the holes a marked.
Fuselage 602 [800x]

I used a hole saw in the drill press for these.
Fuselage 603 [800x]

Then I match drill the aft splice plate to the sections.
Fuselage 604 [800x]

Fuselage 608 [800x]

Last thing I did today, was to start preparing the upper and lower straps, that will join the forward and aft sections of the roll bar. They need to have a radius on the edges against the sections, to fit properly.
Fuselage 605 [800x]