Finally! The roll bar parts are done and primed! I thought I would never finish them.. 😉
I still had a bit of drilling to do, like the forward splice plate…
Fuselage 621 [800x]

Then I had a LOT of countersinking to do. To access the inner holes, I had to clamp the roll bar to the edge of the table.
Fuselage 622 [800x]

Fuselage 623 [800x]

Only the forward sections gets countersunk for the splice plate.
Fuselage 624 [800x]

Last thing to get drilled was the F-632D angle. The holes ended up a little close to the radius of the angle. I didn’t notice that the splice plate was supposed to sit right against the lower radius of the sections, which would have placed the holes more towards the centre of this angle. A well, it will still be ok. Pictures will follow on the next post while riveting.
Fuselage 625 [800x]

After a lot of deburring and prep’ing, the parts were finally ready for primer.
Fuselage 626 [800x]

Fuselage 627 [800x]