October 22, 2015

Canopy seal support angles

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 19:00 — Hours: 6

Another month went by, with only 6 hours of work on the plane. Ah well, better than nothing. 🙂

I made the two F-644 canopy hinge support channels out of this:
Fuselage 675 [800x]

 Fuselage 676 [800x]

 Fuselage 677 [800x]

Then I prepared the F-697 subpanel reinforcement.
Cut & deburred…
Fuselage 679 [800x]

…then drilled to the center subpanel.
Fuselage 680 [800x]

I also managed to make the  canopy seal support angles. The centre one is pretty easy; trim to length, debur and flute to form the shape..
Fuselage 681 [800x]

Then drilled it to the centre subpanel.
Fuselage 682 [800x]

Fuselage 683 [800x]

I chose to trim the angle at the centre reinforcemet rivet, instead of setting this rivet with less than minimum edge distance.
Fuselage 684 [800x]

The outboard subpanel angles took much longer to fabricate. The had to be cut instead of fluted, due to the radious.
Fuselage 687 [800x]

Fast forward a couple of hours…
Fuselage 685 [800x]

 Fuselage 686 [800x]

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