November 12, 2015

Forward fuselage deburring

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 23:01 — Hours: 7.5

I have had some crazy weeks at work, with 2 ATR72 C-checks to complete, but now I finally have some time off; some of which naturally should be spend building RV. 🙂

I made these brackets a couple of weeks ago. The two on the right, will support the instrument panel. The left ones are for the eyeball air vents. Notice the curve I marked on them…
Fuselage 698 [1600x]

Using these markings, I removed that area by drilling and filing..
Fuselage 699 [1600x]

Fuselage 700 [1600x]

Last thing I did that night, was to drill these brackets to the canopy decks and instrument panel.
Fuselage 701 [1600x]

I picked up some of the canopy parts from the finish kit, an evening last week. I will very soon be working on this! 😀
Fuselage 702 [1600x]

Tonight I set out to prepare all the parts for primer. There was a lot of deburring to do. I spent some extra time finetuning the instrument panel edge
Fuselage 703 [1600x]

After taking everything apart, I cut the left hand forward fuselage rib, as I have to move this support further outboard. It will interfere with my glasscockpit.. 😉
Fuselage 704 [1600x]

Fast forward a few hours, and everything, except the skin, I ready for primer.
Fuselage 705 [1600x]

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