I have made good progress the last week. Friday I went and primed all the parts for the forward fuselage, Saturday I began assembling.
First I riveted the instrument attach angles to the forward decks.
Fuselage 706 [1600x]

Then I riveted the canopy seal retainers to the subpanels.
Fuselage 707 [1600x]

Also riveted the small ribs to the centre subpanel. They are dimpled and flush riveted.
Fuselage 708 [1600x]

 Then I started mounting the forward ribs…
Fuselage 709 [1600x]

I dimpled and riveted the forward decks. They need a little tweaking to fit perfectly after dimpling. The edge had to be rolled down a bit, as not to gap.
Fuselage 710 [1600x]

Then I riveted the side subpanels.
Fuselage 711 [1600x]

Fuselage 712 [1600x]

 Fuselage 713 [1600x]

Finally I riveted the forward ribs to the firewall.
Fuselage 714 [1600x]

Time to prepare some more parts. I marked and trimmed the block that will hold the canopy release bellcrank.
Fuselage 715 [1600x]

 Fuselage 716 [1600x]

Then I cut and trimmed the two spacer blocks for the canopy hinges. I searched for a long time for a .250″ x 1″ alu bar, and finally found out by going through the picking list, that I was supposed to use the supplied .025″ x 1½” bar. The drawings should have referred to this, if you ask me.
Fuselage 717 [1600x]

 These plastic blocks also had to be drilled for the canopy hinges.
Fuselage 718 [1600x]

Fuselage 718 [1600x]

Fuselage 719 [1600x]

 The hinges assembled…
Fuselage 720 [1600x]

…and temporary installed.
Fuselage 721 [1600x]

  Fuselage 722 [1600x]