Since my last post, I finished the canopy latch mechanism. I had to trim a bit more of the release bellcrank block, as the pins were getting stuck on the edge.
Canopy 016 [1600x]

That helped, now the bellcrank was turning freely.
Canopy 017 [1600x]

To make room for the bolt that attaches the lever arm to the bellcrank, I had to make this opening below the bellcrank block.
Canopy 018 [1600x]

Tonight I continued with the mapbox installation. It would have been much easier to prepare this earlier, but I only just received the mapbox kit with some other parts I ordered from Van’s a few weeks ago. The mapbox is deeper than the distance between the instrument panel and subpanel, so it has to go through the subpanel.
First I had to trim a bit of the right forward deck, to make room for the mapbox.
Canopy 020 [1600x]

Then I cut a piece of cardboard to size, to mark the subpanel hole…
Canopy 021 [1600x]

Canopy 022 [1600x]

Trimmed! It took a while to get it just right, but I’m pretty pleased with the result so far. 🙂
Canopy 023 [1600x]

The mapbox temporary installed, next up is to make support angles, and cut the instrument panel opening.
Canopy 024 [1600x]

Canopy 025 [1600x]