January 8, 2016

Primary canopy latch

Category: Canopy — Steffen @ 19:08 — Hours: 7.25

Besides the mapbox parts, I also had this roll bar support channel to prepare for paint..
Canopy 026 [1600x]

Almost ready for priming parts again, I will prepare the canopy latch parts too, before priming.
Canopy 027 [1600x]

These are the first parts for the primary canopy latch
Canopy 028 [1600x]

After a lot of filing, edge deburring and straigtening, the latch levers are ready.
Canopy 029 [1600x]

After trimming the two attachment angles to length, I marked the ½” radius that needed to be cut in them.
Canopy 030 [1600x]

Canopy 031 [1600x]

I chose to deviate a little from the plans at this point, and drilled the hole pattern in the angles straight away…
Canopy 033 [1600x]

I then applied some anti-friction tape and the angles and levers to get the right spacing for the angles..
Canopy 034 [1600x]

I then carefully marked and drilled the first bracket rivet hole in the sideskin, and clecoed the angle in place so I could drill the lower angle holes.
Canopy 032 [1600x]

Then I used the angles to mark the latch openings.
Canopy 035 [1600x]

Like this:
Canopy 036 [1600x]

Carefully used my dremel to cut the opening…
Canopy 037 [1600x]

…then used the angles for support, while filing the opening to final size.
Canopy 038 [1600x]

Canopy 039 [1600x]

After that, I attached the lower angle, then attached the latch lever to that, to determine the exact position of the latch bolt hole.
Canopy 041 [1600x]

Removed the angle and latch, and drilled the bolt hole.
Canopy 042 [1600x]

After that, I used the same procedure to drill the latch lock hole.
Canopy 043 [1600x]

I am very pleased with the result, the latch sits perfectly flush with the skin outside.
Canopy 040 [1600x]

 A quick look inside…
Canopy 044 [1600x]


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