I have been on and off the forward canopy frame the last week. It took me a while to figure out the best way to fine-tune the shape, to get the forward canopy skin to line up with the fuselage skin nicely.
If I put the instrument panel in place, I had a perfect reference point all way round.
I also matchdrilled a piece of angle to the canopy skin, and used it to cleco the frame halves together for stability.
That helped a lot!
Canopy 071 [1600x]

Then I could adjust the flanges and shape, and recheck alignment with the fuselage. It still took quite a while; I think I had the frame on/off 15 times to readjust shape.
Canopy 072 [1600x]

  I also had to make a little notch in both sides of the frame weldment, as it was touching the instrument panel.
Canopy 073 [1600x]

Canopy 074 [1600x]

I did the final adjusting of the forward frame tonight, then clecoed the skin back on.
Canopy 075 [1600x]

The fit is much better now, there is only a few minor adjustment left for now. Almost ready to drill the hinge holes…
Canopy 076 [1600x]

The right side..
Canopy 077 [1600x]

Closeup, right side.
Canopy 078 [1600x]

 More details.
Canopy 080 [1600x]

  I will be working more and more from the cabin from now on, so I put the seat floors back in. I need to build cradle to lower the fuselage down onto, to ease entry.Canopy 081 [1600x]