April 13, 2016

Canopy hinges

Category: Canopy — Steffen @ 22:03 — Hours: 7

So, before I could drill the hinge holes, I had to prepare the C-714 splice plate, that connects the two ribs of the canopy weldment.
First I marked and drilled the pilot holes..
Canopy 082 [1600x]

Canopy 083 [1600x]

I noticed that the canopy skin was being pulled down to hard in the middle, so I wasn’t quite done with the adjustment.

Canopy 085 [1600x]

It took a while, but I finally found a good compromise, so I could matchdrill the C-714 splice plate to the ribs.
Canopy 086 [1600x]

    I also temporary riveted the hinge brackets to the forward ribs, to make sure they’re in the right position when drilling the hinge holes.
Canopy 087 [1600x]

Canopy 088 [1600x]

After fitting the forward canopy assembly back on, I finally drilled the hinge holes. I used a drill bushing, to protect the hinge block assemblies. According to plans, I only drilled enough to mark the exact position of the holes. After that I removed the Canopy assy, and drilled to 1/4″.
I need to enlarge to 3/8″ for a brass bushing, but I want to doublecheck that the holes are in the right spot before continuing. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures while drilling them, but here is a shot after they were drilled to 1/4″
Canopy 089 [1600x]

Finally I put the assembly back on to recheck, It wasn’t bad at all, but the right hinge could come down a tiny bit.
Canopy 090 [1600x]

   Canopy 091 [1600x]

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