Monday evening I ordered a bunch of stuff from Van’s: a nav light/strobe kit, wiring harness kit, landing light/taxi light kits, the deluxe fuel caps and two fuel tank pick-up lines for inverted flight. I was shocked seeing my order arrive wednesday morning, that was unbelievable fast.


I started by matchdrilling both the leading edge skins to ribs. Then I matchdrilled the main ribs to the main spars, then I lifted the wings off the stand for matchdrilling the aft spars.

After that I removed the ribs from the spars. I have been researching a lot lately, on where and how to run the wiring and tubing in the wings. I am planning on having an AOA pitot tube in the left wing, and my TruTrak roll-servo in the right wing. I will also need to run wiring for the nav light and strobe light to both wing tips, and wiring for the landing/taxi light to both leading edges. The wiring harness kit included some black 3/4″ conduit, which is very useful for pulling the wires through when installing the wings. After having decided a good spot for the conduit, I made a template for drilling the ribs.

I drilled 1/8″ pilot holes, then enlarged them to 3/4″ using my unibit

The pitot tubes in the left wing will run through the ribs using snap-bushings. I enlarged the upper tooling holes in the first 10 ribs on the left wing for the exstra AOA line.
Here I have installed the snap-bushings and conduit.

All holes done! Just need to debur the holes and they are ready for primer…