June 9, 2016

Drilling hinges – again!

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Before I drilled the hinges to final size for the bushings, I wanted to make sure the weldment was in the exactly right position.
I trimmed the sides of the canopy skin, to match the fuselage side perfectly.
Here’s the right side marked for trimming. It only needed a tiny trim to fit perfectly.
Canopy 122 [1600x]

Canopy 121 [1600x]

The canopy still matched great, so I removed the canopy weldment, and used the lock pin and bushing to mark the wanted bushing location.
Canopy 123 [1600x]

Canopy 124 [1600x]

First I drilled it to 8mm (5/16″)
Canopy 125 [1600x]

Then to 9mm.
Canopy 126 [1600x]

At last I reamed it to final size.
Canopy 127 [1600x]

…and installed the bushing. Did the same to the other side, then refitted the canopy weldment and rechecked position and gaps.
It hadn’t moved at all, so I’m very pleased. 🙂
Canopy 133 [1600x]

My buddy Bo already welded the WD-725 side weldment, so I could continue with laying out the rivet pattern iaw. the plans.
Canopy 129 [1600x]

Before drilling pilot holes, I checked the position of the center holes, which will hold bolts for the canopy lock hook.
The line on the channel, marks the center of the lock hole, and the line on the weldment is from the plans. As you can see it doesn’t line up.
I will recheck everything tomorrow with fresh eyes.
Canopy 130 [1600x]

Canopy 131 [1600x]

A quick shot of the canopy process…
Canopy 132 [1600x]

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