June 15, 2016

Finished canopy frame parts

Category: Canopy — Steffen @ 15:37 — Hours: 16

Before marking the canopy latch hook bolt positions, I made sure to align the side weldments, so that the skin will line up with the fuselage upper skin. At the bottom…
Canopy 134 [1600x]

…and the top.
Canopy 135 [1600x]

Canopy 136 [1600x]

I also made sure that canopy glas recess lined up perfectly.
Canopy 137 [1600x]

Then I adjusted the pilot hole positions, so the latch will be centered in the latch hole.
Canopy 138 [1600x]

Next was the side weldment forward ends.
Canopy 139 [1600x]

I marked and drilled the holes in the attach brackets. Note that one hole is left undrilled on both. There will be skin rivet that would be too close, if I drilled those after plans.
Canopy 140 [1600x]

I then matchdrilled the brackets to the sides..
Canopy 142 [1600x]

..then fitted them back in place.
Canopy 141 [1600x]

Before match drilling them to the forward weldment, I reinstalled the canopy skin to make sure everything was still lining up.
Canopy 143 [1600x]

After checking, I drilled the sides to the forward weldment.
Canopy 144 [1600x]

Now I could remove the canopy frame as one assy.
Canopy 145 [1600x]

Tapered shims is required between the brackets and the forward weldment.
Canopy 146 [1600x]

I used a piece of alu angle, to fabricate the shims.
Canopy 147 [1600x]

Took a while to file down, but I got there eventually.
Canopy 148 [1600x]

Cut them to length and width…
Canopy 149 [1600x]

Fits nicely!
Canopy 150 [1600x]

Canopy 151 [1600x]

The side weldments needs to be shaped in the forward ends, to match the canopy shape. I still haven’t unpacked the canopy, so I’m guessing the shape for now, and will be fine tuning it later.
Canopy 152 [1600x]

There was a bunch of countersinking to be done on various parts.
Canopy 153 [1600x]

Also decided to put 2 rivets in the side weldment aft angles.
Canopy 154 [1600x]

Canopy 155 [1600x]

Fast forward 4 hours, everything is deburred and ready for primer.
Canopy 156 [1600x]

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