March 19, 2017

Cutting canopy, step 2

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Ouch! Another 7 months have passed since my last post…
So, what happened this time? Well, I started up as a freelance aircraft technician, which has taken up quite a bit of my time.
I have however spent an hour or two once in a while during the last couple of months…

After my last post back in august, I was pretty much ready to make the big cut, separating the canopy into the fixed rear window and the tip up canopy part. To have a good line to follow while cutting, I traced the split line from the roll bar to the canopy, then made a ‘channel’ with two rows of masking tape. I put on 5 layers of tape, in order to have some depth so as to work as a cutting guide, and also protect the new canopy edges should the cutting disc slip.Canopy 184 [1600x]

I then removed the canopy, and taped the lower edges together to fix the canopy better while cutting.
Canopy 185 [1600x]

I also put the canopy on some pieces of wood to raise it a bit from the floor, in order to cut the lower edges.
Canopy 186 [1600x]

After cutting the first 20cm or so on each side, I carefully moved the piece of wood backwards under the cut, so it would support both halves of the canopy once cut.
Canopy 187 [1600x]

Canopy 188 [1600x]

I made sure to tape the canopy sections together, during the cutting process.
Canopy 189 [1600x]

And the canopy is split on two…
Canopy 190 [1600x]

After carefully finishing and rounding the edges, I could put the forward canopy back on the canopy frame; this time behind the ‘ears’ of the forward canopy skin.
Canopy 191 [1600x]

The fit isn’t all that bad, but I do have to enlarge the gap a bit to get it perfect.
Canopy 192 [1600x]

I removed the canopy skin, marked a triangular slot, drilled and deburred it…
Canopy 193 [1600x]

That helped a great deal!
Canopy 194 [1600x]

Canopy 195 [1600x]

To copy this shape to the left side, I traced it onto a piece of paper…
Canopy 196 [1600x]

..then clecoed the paper to the other side and marked the cut.
Canopy 197 [1600x]

I’m pretty happy with the result so far. The canopy still need some fine tuning, but I I’m going to finish the canopy frame before doing the final adjustment.
Canopy 200 [1600x]

Yesterday I also did the first rough trim of the aft cabin window. I marked the canopy about 1½” from the skin edge. In the end it will be 1¼”, but I would like to have a bit of extra play, as the window will probably need a bit of adjustment to mach the aft edge of the forward canopy glas.
Canopy 201 [1600x]

Cut the canopy, this was the last of the big cuts. From now on it will be minor adjustments.
Canopy 202 [1600x]

Aft window back on the fuselage. It will of course go under the skin finally, but for now this is a good place to store it while finishing the canopy frame.
Canopy 203 [1600x]

So, to finish the canopy frame, I need to prepare and install these canopy reinforcements. It will be nice working with aluminium again.. 🙂
Canopy 204 [1600x]

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