The last parts needed for the canopy reinforcement plates, was 6 small strips that will strengthen the lightning holes.

I marked and drilled the first one, then used that one to matchdrill the rest.

Ends rounded…

Finally I matchdrilled them to the reinforcement plates.

Next I fabricated the parts for the canopy lifting dampers.
First I made the forward attach blocks from this piece of alubar..

…fast forward an hour or so:

Then I marked the layout of the aft attachments like this.

Cut out the pieces required.

…then drilled them so I could cleco them together like this.

Before fitting the damper attachments, I had to remove the canopy skin again. This time I prepared it for primer, by deburring all holes & edges, and etching the surfaces with scotchbrite.

I had to move the forward attachment blocks a tiny bit forward, so they didn’t interfere with the rivet here.

I then drilled the screw holes, and countersunk them enough to fit the rather large skin dimples needed for the attachment screws.

The aft attachments installed..

Finally a couple of shots of how the canopy will open.