I have been very productive this month, although I haven’t updated my site. It has been a lot of to-and-from work, so I lost track of how many hours I have actually spent. I think it adds up to approximately 25 hrs.

Before being able to drill the canopy, I had to lay out the hole pattern.

 With pilot holes drilled in the canopy frame, I could start drilling the canopy. I used a standard drill bit, made dull by drilling into concrete. When drilling at very low speed, it worked perfectly, no cracks! 🙂

After drilling all holes, I countersank them to fit the attaching screws.

Next step was to prepare the sideskirts. First I marked the rivet pattern, then drilled pilot holes.

Using these pilot holes, I drilled and cleco’ed them to the canopy frame, then backdrilled the screwholes from inside the cabin.

I had to adjust the clearance a few times, to get the 1/16″ called out for in the plans.

I also made a small lift handle. I didn’t follow the plans here, but used a thick angle, which I shaped as a small wing. Turned out pretty nice, I think. 🙂