Finally it was time to begin assembling my engine.
I overhauled the cylinders last year, and I bought all the new parts needed for the overhaul.
Time for assembly! 😀

First thing to do was assembling the crankshaft with counterweights, connecting rods and sprocket.

Fast forward an hour or so, the crankcase is assembled with rear section and oil sump installed.
Vasu in the photo is the engine shop manager at Air Service Vamdrup. A great friend and the best piston engine specialist I know. He has helped me a great deal with this engine overhaul.

Pistons gets installed…

…then the cylinders.

After plugging off all openings, I primed the engine with fuel resistant epoxy primer.

Then finally top coat. It is the same color as I used on the inside of my canopy.

I have chosen this red color for my induction tubes, valve rocker pushrod tubes, valve covers and a few other items.