July 8, 2008

Fuel tanks

Category: Fuel tanks — Steffen @ 22:14 — Hours: 4

Tonight I started out matchdrilling the nutplates to the last Z-brackets. Then I countersunk all the holes for the rivets and riveted all the nutplates to the brackets.

Then I bolted the brackets to the spars

Now it was time to cleco the aft walls of the fuel tanks, called baffles, to these brackets. With that done, I could cleco the last bracket on, and trace the holes from the spar. This bracket is special, since the bolts will go in from the bracket side, and the nutplates gets installed on the spar.

Now I could put the tank skins in place to check for fit. This is not a great picture, the fuel tank are in the far end. It looked nice, but I realized I had forgotten to install the last leading edge rib and the fuel tank support strip…

…so I took off the fuel tank skin again and started aligning the last ribs.

First I matchdrilled the spar flange to the spar and clecoed it. Then I prepared the support strips, and slided them in between the ribs and skins, and drilled them.

With those in place, I refitted the tank skins, the fit was perfect now!

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