July 9, 2008

Wing walkway doublers

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 22:51 — Hours: 2.5

I spend almost 2½ hours in the shop tonight, and even though it didn’t look like much, I got a lot of small things done.

First I taped the wing walk-way doublers in place under the inboard top skins.

Then I flipped the skin over and drilled all the holes from the prepunched holes in the skin.

With all the holes drilled, I could fit the doubler to the wing ribs…

After the skins were cleco’ed back on I was short on cleco’s, so I decided to set the tanks aside for now. I removed the tank skins, marked all the stiffeners for position and removed those also. Then I removed the leading edges and started finetuning the wings in the stand. I hung plumbs in each end to check the twist in the wings, and adjusted the lower spar a little bit. Blurry picture, I know, I am still using my fathers old camera since mine is broken.

My plan is to install the bottom skins next, then matchdrill all the skins to the skeleton. I might see if I can borrow some more cleco’s from work..

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