July 30, 2008

Making taxi/landing light cutouts

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 22:26 — Hours: 4

It has been a while since my last post, I have been making a little bit now and then, so this post also covers about an hour of work from the last week. I have managed to get the right wing tank skin matchdrilled to the tank ribs, and the tank/leading edge attach strap drilled for the tank attachment screws. More on this later.

Tonight I made the cutouts for taxi and landing lights. This was done by cutting a template, then tracing this to the leading edge skin. With the cutout maked on the skin, I made the cut with my angle grinder. Then I finegrinded them with abrassive wheels, finally I polished them with my scotchwheel. I also trimmed one of the plexiglass lenses that will go in the cutouts.
Finally I matchdrilled the right leading edge ribs to the spar, and enlarged the hole for the tiedown bolt.

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