August 6, 2008

Preparing wing leading edges

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 21:34 — Hours: 6.5

I had a very productive day in the shop today. First I clecoed on the left tank skin & matchdrilled it to the tank ribs. With the tank skin in place, I could drill the screw holes attaching the tank to the leading edge.

After that I finished matchdrilling the leading edge skin and ribs to the spar. Then I removed the tank skin and leading edge and deburred all the holes in the skin and ribs. Yawn!!
More interesting, the landing light / taxi light kits comes with a template for drilling the bracket attachment screw holes in the ribs…

I only used the template for the first rib, then used this rib as template for the others.

After that, I drilled the nutplate rivet holes

Finally I spent a couple of hours deburring and final adjusting everything. I am almost ready to prime the leading edge parts now, only need to deburr the skins on the inside, that’s it!

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