August 12, 2008

Dimpling & riveting right leading edge

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 21:56 — Hours: 3

The last week has been pretty hectic, but I have been able to squeeze in a few minutes now and then. Mostly with riveting on platenuts for the landing light brackets and leading edge to fuel tank attach strips.
Tonight I got a lot of work done though, I am almost half way through riveting the right leading edge.

Here are the installed platenuts for the landing light bracket on one of the leading edge ribs..

The finished landing light lens attach plates…

The finished landing light brackets. I installed the lamp in one of the brackets, looks great!

Here are the finished fuel tank to leading edge attach strips…

Tonight I started out dimpling the right leading edge skin and ribs.

Then I clecoed the ribs to the skin..

With that done, I used my squeezer to set the aft rivets. This is the first rivet in the wing skins!! 😀
Note the attach strip installed between the skin and rib…

Now I could start riveting the leading edge. I got almost half way through, before calling it a night. I might need a hand to rivet the forward most rivets. Don’t want to dent this thing…

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