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Riveted left leading edge

I finished the left wing leading edge today, it went a lot faster than the right one. A little practice always helps, and a switch in tooling also helped a bit…

I started by dimpling the left leading edge skin.

I had already dimpled the ribs, so I clecoed them to the skin right away. Then I riveted most of the rivets with the leading edge in the cradle & the rest with it on a couple of cushions, just like the right leading edge.

After reading Brad Olivers comments on using mushroom head riveting set, I desided to try it myself. Until now I have used my swivel head set, but it tends to be a little alive on the skin, making it hard to use singlehanded. This has become worse after it has become a little worn. I have had a big 1½” mushroom head set lying around ever since I started building, but it didn’t fit the holding spring on my rivet gun. The spring notch was just too thick. So I put the set in my drill press, and grinded it down with my anglegrinder, then polished it with a scotch wheel.
This was well worth it! It is so much easier to control this set, compared to the swivel head set.

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  1. Monika

    Wow 🙂 You are just moving right along 🙂 I hope you are proud of yourself 🙂 You should be. Great job!

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