Finally managed to get some building done today.
First thing to was prepare the horozontal stabilizer aft spar. I got the stifferners and brackets matchdrilled to the spars.
Then I deburred everything and rounded the edges of the stifferners.

The aft spar clecoed together:

The elevator center bracket and bearing:

All the empenage skins:

The plans! I need a big picture frame to put them in,
maybe a good thing to wish for x-mas! 🙂

I still need a few tools. I ordered some 3M roloc scotch bite wheels today, the should speed up the edge deburring and the etching of the parts, before priming them.
I do have a good pneumatic rivet squeezer, but my college Niels has borrowed it for one of his own projects. His rebuilding an old Cessna 182, plus a PA28-235. He said he would bring it back to me tomorrow. Im looking forward to squeezing the first six rivets in the center bracket!! 😀