October 8, 2008

Fuel pick-up line

Category: Fuel tanks — Steffen @ 21:14 — Hours: 3

I got the wing-to-fuselage attach fitting arranged and matchdrilled to the inboard ribs tonight. First I marked a rivet pattern to the reinforcement plate and drilled it…

Then I matchdrilled it to the ribs.

After that I used mu unibit to enlarge the center pilot hole to fit the fitting for the fuel pick-up line..

The fitting in place. The clearance to the rivets is ok!

A look on the back side, the hose has a brass weight to ensure fuel delivery when flying inverted. Can’t wait to test that one…   😉

I started to prepare the parts for the capacitive fuel sender system, but some of the parts, the fuel sender plates, didn’t match the drawings. It looks like the plates may be for a RV-9 instead. I will have to contact Van’s about this…

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