October 15, 2008

Aludyne treatment

Category: Fuel tanks — Steffen @ 22:26 — Hours: 5

I spend almost 5 hours tonight Aludyne treating the tank parts. I am almost done, still need to treat the skins and a few small parts I haven’t made yet. I am doing this to prevent the tank from corroding inside. Overkill?… Maybe, but I love the way it looks all golden… 😉 It will make me smile everytime I refuel!

Anyway, I recieved the new capacitive fuel quantity plates from Van’s today.. my sender kit contained plates for a RV-9 instead, but as always Van’s was very helpful and sent me the right plates right away.

I started by deburring all the edges, then aligning them on one of the ribs and matchdrilled…

After matchdilling, I used this rib as template for the other 3, then enlarged the holes to 1/4″

The outboard plates will interfere with the skin stiffeners, so they had to be trimmed a bit. I marked the trim, then drilled the corner with my unibit. Then I trimmed the rest with my snips and deburred it.

Now it was time to dig out the Aludyne. I brought some home with me from work, poured it in a big bucket. Before and after dipping the parts into the fluid, I washed them down with soap and water…

Here are the finished fuel sender plates..

..and with platenuts riveted on!

A rib in Aludyne, I left them in for 10 minutes each.

This nights accomplishment:

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