October 18, 2008

Riveted tank stiffeners

Category: Fuel tanks — Steffen @ 20:50 — Hours: 6.5

I managed to squeeze in an hour in the shop after work yesterday. I finished treating the tank skins with Aludyne, and almost finished making the trap doors, that will prevent the fuel from moving towards the tip in a roll. It is made of a small plate, secured to the inboard internal rib with a hinge.

Aludyne treated and riveted; this was as far as I got yesterday…

Today I started with drilling them to the ribs. I want to install 3/32 round head rivets, I will have to get some from work!

Then I began preparing for riveting on the tank stiffeners. First I wiped everything down with M.E.K, then I clecoed the stiffeners to the skin.

Then I applied masking tape around the stiffeners. The sealant fillet look much nicer when it’s straight.

After that I removed the stiffeners again and flipped the skin over. Now it was time to dig out the tank sealant and mix some. I mixed 50g in a small plastic cup..

Inspired by many of the other builders, I applied a tiny bit of sealant to each dimple. That way you are absolutely sure it won’t leak.

Then I put rivets in all the holes and taped them with “back-riveting tape”

With the rivets in place, I flipped the skin back over, and started applying sealing to the stiffeners. I used a small paint brush cut down to about ½cm. Worked pretty good..

All stiffeners riveted to the right tank skin!

I still need to apply sealing to the rivet shop heads. I want to try using a large syringe for this, hopefully it will work!

The result after cleaning up! I finished installing the stiffeners on both tanks.

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