October 29, 2008

Riveting left tank part 3

Category: Fuel tanks — Steffen @ 22:46 — Hours: 3

I riveted the last two internal ribs in of the left tank tonight. It went very well and with that done, except for the riveting of the tank-to-fuselage brackets, the rest of the riveting will be done with the pneumatic squeezer. Great stuff!! 😀

The next thing I need to do, is make some ‘anti-hang-up guides’ for the fuel pick-up hoses. Also need to make the ventline and fuel-sender wiring. Can’t wait to finally do something else than mixing sealant and riveting ribs!!! 😉 The last thing I did tonight, was make this mock-up to get the size for the access panel ‘anti-hang-up guide’

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