Tonight was a great night in the shop. Got a lot of stuff done and it was great doing something else than riveting ribs for a change.

I got the fuel pick-up hoses safetied to the elbows.. actually I did that yesterday after work..

Also made the ‘anti-hang-up guides’ for the access openings

And the other two ‘anti-hang-up guides’..

Then I started making the fuel vent line. I modified the snapbushings so they had room for the fuelsender wire, and routed a piece of tube through and marked it for length.

Flared the inboard end…

Then shaped it to fit with a tubebender I borrowed from work.

Now it was time to make the fuel sender wiring. I soldered the wires to the connectors..

Crimped the terminals, then cut of the plastic sleeve and soldered it too..

Last thing I did tonight, was mix up some sealant and seal the wire connections.