Here’s a few of my installation ideas so far:

Lycoming IO-360 angle valve. 200 hp. 😀
I bought one in april 2012, overhaul is in progress.

Engine controls:
I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go for the Andair quadrant. I love the throttle lever flap switches.. 😀

I would love to have a 3-bladed MT propeller spinning up front, but due to lack of finances, I will probably have to settle with a McCauley 2 bladed constant speed.

Definitely glass cockpit! At the moment my favorite is the Dynon’s SkyView.
I’m crazy about the Synthetic Vision and the floating instruments,
like a head-up display.

I like the AF-3500 from Advanced Flight Systems too, but its a bit more expensive than the Dynon.

A third option, is the EFIS SG from TruTrak Flight Systems. Not as nice as the Dynon, but affordable! It should work nicely with my autopilot, the Digiflight II VSGV also from TruTrak.

I’m going for the Classic Aero Design Aviator package. Getting into an RV should be like getting into a sports car…
I still haven’t desided colors..