Although it doesn’t look like I’m getting anything done, I actually made a little progress. Just a few updates behind.. ūüôā
I had a couple off weeks off in febrary, which I spent mainly in Vamdrup working on my engine. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures, I’ll make sure to take some the next time I go, hopefully tomorrow.
I got the cylinders overhauled and primed, ready for installation. That took quite a long time, but they were luckily in very good shape, worth the time they took to overhaul. I have ordered all the parts that needs to be replaced during overhaul, maybe within the next couple of weeks it will be time to put it together.

In the basement, I have begun building the fwd canopy frame.
Canopy 061 [1600x]

Skin clecoed to the frame.
Canopy 054 [1600x]

First trial fit. This thing is going to take a lot of trial fits to sit perfectly. I have spend a lot of time getting hints from fellow builders websites, one hint was to clamp a piece of angle to the weldment frame to hold it straight.
Canopy 069 [1600x]

The outer ends of the weldment needed a lot of adjustment. As seen on this photo, they were warped from the welding process. I managed to get them straightened in my wise, using the same procedure as shaping the fuselage longerons.
Canopy 062 [1600x]

I have had the frame on and off about 10 times by now, trying to get a better fit. It’s getting better, but I’m no quite there yet. The fwd edge distance is ok now, and the shape is pretty close too.
Canopy 065 [1600x]

Canopy 068 [1600x]

On the sides, it still need to be adjusted a bit in the forward ends…
Canopy 066 [1600x]

Canopy 067 [1600x]

I took a little break from the canopy today, and riveted the reinforcement angles, and the canopy latch lever angles.
Canopy 063 [1600x]

                Canopy 070 [1600x]