I forgot to add this to my last post, but I installed the Throttle Quadrant a while back.
I used nutplates, and spacers at the aft mounts.

While waiting for replacement angles for the intake duct filter mount, I fabricated a bracket for the parking brake valve.
The bracket needed an arm to hold the cable as well, I used cardboard to make a template for that.

The result..

Parts deburred and ready for primer.

I decided a good spot for the valve, and matchdrilled it to the firewall.
I still need to buy the fittings and collars for it.

The angles I ordered from Vans finally arrived. The package was stuck in Memphis for over a week, due to a winter storm.
After carefully trimming angles to fit, I installed them with epoxy and blind rivets, then made a fillet with epoxy to close the corners and support the angles.