I reinstalled the throttle quadrant, to finish the engine control cable installation.
I had previously purchased a 52½ inch long cable, that I hoped I could use for either mixture or throttle. First I installed it as template for the prop control, to determine the correct length to order.

The prop cable needs to be 3½ inches longer, so 56 inches.

Next I moved the cable to the mixture position. I made a template for this bracket in cardboard back in october…
Throttle & Mixture brackets – RV-7.dk
The cable was actually just long enough to reach here, but a little to tight. With the direct route inside the cabin, it will interfere with the rudder pedals.

Template traced to the stainless steel plate

Cut to shape..

..and bent to shape, holes drilled.

It works great, it can reach both stops.

Finally it was the throttle cable’s turn.
Here’s a photo of  the template, aluminum bracket and final stainless steel bracket.

The cable length was great for the throttle position. There’s enough length to create a smooth s-shape in the cabin, to better clear the rudder pedal tubes.
I will order a longer 55″ cable for the mixture position, so it will also clear the tubes.

Again, it can reach both stops. Here in idle…

…and full throttle.