I spent some more time working on the F-705 bulkhead tonight. I started by marking and drilling the bolt holes on all the left seatbelt anchors…


Then I installed these anchors, and clamped the right anchors to them with a 3/16″ spacer in between. With these aligned and clamped, I could drill them using the bulkhead as guide. After all eight anchors were drilled, I trimmed the flanges of the 4 outboard anchors, to make room for some rivets.

Next I worked a bit on the big angles I cut the other day. They support the upper corners of this bulkhead, which is where the canopy will latch into. I clamped it in place on the bulkhead.

Then I flipped the bulkhead over and matchdrilled the angle. There is also a small slot for the canopy latch, that had to be made. I drilled a hole in each end of the slot, and used a small grinder and files to shape it.


An almost finished reinforcement angle, I still need to trim of about ¼” of this flange.