Welcome to my RV-7 building site.
My name is Steffen and I’m from Denmark.
I am building my own airplane, a kitplane called RV-7 from  Van’s Aircraft

Building my own plane has always been a dream of mine, ever since I started working as an aircraft mechanic (1993), but it was a trip to the EAA Oshkosh AirVenture in 2006, that really got me started.

This site works as my building log, where I try to write a few words after every day in the shop, maybe even add a few photos! 🙂

The kits are divided into 4, that is: Empenage, Wings, Fuselage and Finishing kit. I decided to buy all the kits at once, to save some money on the overseas shipping. Not included in these kits are: engine, propeller and avionics.
I received the kits the 7th of december 2007, all crates undamaged! 😀

This is what the complete kit looks like:

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